The water mat

Well, I got another one of the new toys out to test on the babies; the water mat. The hard part was blowing the outer edge up with air! 😛 And then hold the wobbly, wiggly mat under the faucet as I filled the middle section with water. Done!

I sent it in front of the puppy playpen with some other toys and watched to see what would happen after the puppies crawled out of the pen.

They walked across it with no trepidation many times. A couple of them even laid down to enjoy the coolness of it.

The new water mat is definitely a hit with the puppies. Although this is something we will only be able to use when puppies are fairly small/young as the bigger toenails would probably poke holes in the plastic and that would be the end our our water mat.

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4 Responses to The water mat

  1. karen beaver says:

    Interesting how they explore the new toy and love how they decided they liked the cool mat and it was a good place for a little nap.

  2. Cathy Husen says:

    Brave youngsters!!

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