Morning madness

After all the dogs go out in the morning and the horses are fed, I usually head back inside to clean up after puppies. It’s time to clean the  litter box on the Aussaliers, change beds for both moms, fill up food and water dishes and give moms their NuVet and calcium supplements.

I’ve found it’s easier to turn the Aussaliers loose so the pen is empty while I’m trying to clean it and add a new bed. Otherwise, they are playing with their blanket before I get a chance to lay it down and try to set the litter box on the edge to sort of hold it in place. (At least it looks neat for a while). 😉

Then I take Joy’s puppies for a little “ride” as I carefully slide the big bed out of her crate. I add a new, fluffy bed and take care of her needs. Then it’s time to smooch the puppies and lay them back on their new bed.

The other morning, the Aussaliers were still out gallivanting around the living room while I took care of Joy’s babies, so I sat next to them on the floor and watched as Oakley’s babies came over to investigate what these little creatures were.

And hey, if you get thirsty while you’re out playing around the neighborhood you can a always get a drink at the neighbor’s house. 😉


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6 Responses to Morning madness

  1. Cathy Husen says:

    Love hearing your stories and watching them grow.

  2. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    wow, you really dialed up the “adorableness” factor on this one! Reading your “puppy yarns,” as I call them is one of the most joyful relaxing things I do all day! And I learn a lot – who knew how much you could learn about poo?! Thank you!

  3. karen beaver says:

    What a cute bunch of pups – all of them fun to watch them interact –

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