Well, that worked!

Since we changed the cutoff time to be added to a litter’s list from Saturday night to Friday at noon before each Puppy Matching Sunday, it gives us a chance to get organized a bit sooner. Which means I am able to reach out to the first person before Sunday and start puppy matching. And that’s just what I did!

Friday afternoon I reached out to the first person and she quickly responded with her pick. Then I reached out to the second person and chatted on the phone. She wanted to talk things over with her family and get back to me Saturday night. As most of you know we take Friday night to Saturday night off from doggie “business”.

She called and left me a message on Saturday with her choice. So Saturday evening I was able to reach out to the next person who was anxiously waiting to hear from me and knew who she wanted.

Wow! Three pups matched already!

I emailed the next person and let them know which two pups were still available. They quickly responded with their choice.

I emailed the next person in line and waited. There was no response through the evening so I though I’ll just check back with them in the morning.

Later, just before bed I decided to check emails one more time and there was a happy message from the last person I contacted that they would be love to have that last puppy.

And that’s how all Amber’s pups got matched before the actual Puppy Matching Day!

Congrats to our excited families! And thanks to everyone that is on our Cavapoo waiting list and joining this journy with us. <3

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4 Responses to Well, that worked!

  1. didi says:

    thosepupsare all adorable!

  2. Marilyn Pyles says:

    While I am not on your list, far too impatient, I love so much reading your posts and hearing all the news. Thanks for sharing the journey.

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