Jam packed

Our house is not big. The main living area downstairs is comprised of the kitchen, dining area and living room in an “L”-shape. There’s only so much room. And it is now full!

By the stairway we have Gracie and her babies in the small puppy pen. Then on either side of the wood stove are Lyric (on the right) and Sage (on the left nearest the couch I crash on to keep on “ear” on things during the night).

Gracie’s puppies will start getting more active in the next week or so. Lyric and Sage’s are still in the sleep and eat stage so it’s more a matter of keeping moms happy (feed, watered and let in and out to potty) and making sure mom is messing up her bed and puppies are getting “lost” under or along the edges.  So they’re all still in the “easy” stage.

Every morning when moms go out first thing, I change their beds, fill up food and water, add calcium and NuVet, serve the pudding, weigh puppies (if needed), do ENS (if needed) etc.

So my priority right now is moms and babies.

But I also have the other adults to tend too (I’ve just scheduled three days of grooms next month). I’m doing dog class with Asher on Thursdays and in May another class starts (when Asher’s ends) and I’ll be taking two more dogs, one on Tuesday’s class and one on Thursday’s class day.

(Then there’a the garden…I really want to get out and dig in the dirt!)

Weekly pictures of each litter take a lot of time. Besides taking the pictures (and as they get older and more wiggly it’s even more difficult) I have to review all the shots to pick out the best of each one, watermark it, add it to the album on the website and the photo albums in my pictures.

As these pups start to get more active we’ll have more videos to post and that also takes time as I have to watermark and upload each one.

Plus there’s the blog (I really try to share a little something each day) which takes time to write and find pictures for. Then there’s Facebook and Instagram to keep up with. (I do all the blogging, photos, social media myself. Hubby helps with more manual labor and outside chores and projects).

Aurora is due to have her first litter in May. Although I must say, she is not very big so I don’t expect a lot of puppies from her. Time will tell.

This spring and summer are going to be extremely packed and busy! So I’m asking for a bit of grace and patience. If I don’t return your emails right away, please forgive me. I try to “star” each one until I respond so as not to lose them in the pile. If you need to talk to me by phone you can leave a message on our answering machine (yes, we still have a landline and an actual answering machine). But I do prefer emails as then I can answer them whenever I have time.

Thanks for your help through this crazy, busy (fun) time and for following along with our dogs, puppies and crazy life!




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4 Responses to Jam packed

  1. If we were neighbors, I’d gladly help you with chores. There need to be at least 3 of YOU! I tell everyone who meets Toby about the incredible upbringing he had under your roof.
    Thank you so much!—We are hoping for another to join him in the next 1.5 years.
    NNTA=No Need To Answer!
    Very best to you and your hardworking husband,

  2. Diana Vigneau says:

    I’m so tired just reading this. Where you get your energy I don’t know but I do know that you have a lot of lucky dogs.

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