Class continues

I’m happy to report that Asher is still continuing his “education” and gets better and acts more comfortable each week at training class. The “worried” look in his eye is for the most part not there. There are still moments when he’s a bit unsure, but he’s come a long way in four weeks.

We had some time before class started to do a little exploring at the dog park. This is a very small, country town, but our dog class instructor (who also taught the kids “Dog 4H” class for years) was the one how implemented the idea of a dog park, got it approved, has gotten help and donations, etc to build it. It’s an amazing little park (with a division for small and large dogs). Since we live in the country we don’t have a need to visit it often (plus it’s 45 minutes from home), but when I have a dog with me in town it’s a nice place to let them stretch their legs and go potty (they have dog bags handy for clean-ups).

Now, there are pros and cons about using a dog park, so please read up on dog park etiquette before you introduce your dog to one.

Thankfully for shy Asher there were no dogs on the little dog side so he had it to himself and was free to sniff, run and investigate. He didn’t actually get very far from me, but it was a good experience from him.

Most of the big dogs stayed way out in the middle of their area and didn’t even come close to the division fence. Well, all except this adorable husky that stopped to stare, hoping Asher would want to play. (I talked to her owner a while later and he told me she has a best buddy that’s a small white dog).

Then it was time to load up and head to class (which was just a short drive next door at the fairgrounds).

Waiting our turn.

“yes, belly scratches”

(This was a practice course, weave around the buckets and have the down sit and down inside a hula hoop. Asher still needs “help” on the down.)

My friend was watching from the sidelines (her kids are in class) and snapped a few short videos of us working.

Practicing stairs. I waiting until after class to try these so we wouldn’t feel rushed.

Dog class is exhausting! 😉




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