Just a reminder about the waiting list

I have a lot of people contacting me about when or if I have an idea when the waiting list will reopen and we will take applications again for our Cavapoo waiting list.

Honestly, I don’t know. But I imagine it still may be months away. When we reopened our list last October (for what ended up only being four days) we were slammed with applications. It was overwhelming to say the least. I really didn’t expect the reaction we got; close to one hundred and thirty applications! (Not everyone got on, but there we still a huge chunk that did). So I closed the list. For the first portion that applied and got on I believe I gave them a 10 month to 18 months approximate wait time. The last batch of people that were added got more of a 1-2 year wait estimate.

It blows my mind that some of those new people that got on in October have already been matched! How does that happen?

Another question that is frequently asked by those already on the waiting list is “what number am I on the list?”

Let me back up a bit and try again to explain our puppy matching process to those that don’t know or need a reminder and try to also answer this last question.

Anyone that is on our Cavapoo waiting list (to clarify that means you sent the application, it was approved, you sent the application fee and were told you were officially added to the list) can reach out (email, please, and if possibly on the original thread that I sent for your application approval) and be added to any litter list. (That means you are interested in the colors/genders available in that litter, you are available by phone on the Puppy Matching Day and your schedule allows you to meet me to pick up your puppy on Puppy Delivery day. (Please don’t ask to be added to a litter list if you already have a vacation planned when the pup is going home or soon after or don’t know how you’re going to get it home; as far as I know the US/Canadian border is still closed. I don’t want to match a puppy with someone and “hope” the border opens by the time the pup goes home. Sorry:/)

So for instance you may be on our list and do not care what color or gender you get, you just want a Cavapoo puppy! So you may have already contacted me and asked to be added to Gracie, Lyric AND Sage’s litter lists. And it doesn’t make sense to just take a “blanket”statement from someone of “just add me to all the litters” because the adopter won’t know ahead of time if the each litter’s schedule corresponds with theirs. So please reach out for each litter you are interested in.

So how are some of the new people that just got on the list in October already being matched? Well, if nobody (or just a few people ahead of them) show interest in the litter, they have a good chance of being matched.

(I always take the list of people that have reached out from when I announced the litter until about the Friday before puppy matching day, and put those names in the order they are on the main waiting list before I make phone calls on Puppy Matching Day. So obviously the higher you are on the list and the longer you’ve been on the list the better chance you have of being matched with a puppy.)

BUT I have people who have been on the list for 1-2 years that I never hear from! 

So you might be way down the list and don’t think you have a chance so you don’t reach out, but if I have just a handful of people reaching out for each litter you might have a better chance of being matched than you think. I can’t guarantee you’ll be matched with a puppy sooner than the “estimate” I gave you, but you never know what can happen. (If I don’t hear from you I can’t know you’re interested and ready to be matched with a puppy.)

If you don’t get matched, just keep reaching out with each litter you’re interested in. It’s a process and it will take time and patience.

(Back to the “what number am I on the list”question…I almost dislike telling someone, “oh, you’re #97” because they’re thinking “oh, my I’m years away from getting a puppy!” But in reality maybe  #42 and #71 are the only ones that are ahead of you on the main waiting list who actually reach out about the litter you are interested in. So technically you are #97 on the main waiting list but only the third person I’ll be calling on the litter list on Puppy Matching day. So you can see why the number you are on the main waiting list isn’t as critical as how many people ahead of you reach out for any particular litter. And we can never predict who or how many will until we make a litter list after a litter announcement.)

In a nutshell, if you’re on our Cavapoo waiting list and interested in a particular litter, please let me know and I’ll add you to that litter’s list so you have a chance of being matched.

Typically only about one quarter of the waiting list even reaches out and asks to be added to a litter list. Some people have gone through the application process, have been added to our list and have never reached out with interest on any litter. And granted, that may be because I gave them a ten to eighteen month + estimate of a wait time for a puppy so they don’t think they have a chance and are waiting until more time has gone by. (Or they’re sitting up north waiting for the border to open…I understand).

And as I’ve shared before the apricot/red puppies are the most requested so it’s likely you will wait longer for that color. Those puppies typically get matched with the top people on the list that reach out.

Sorry for rambling on so much and giving so much detail about everything. Hopefully things are clear, but if you have any questions please let me know.

If for some reason you got on our list and found a puppy elsewhere, life changes have occurred or you know longer want to be on our Cavapoo waiting list, please let me know.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and follow along! We appreciate each one of you!


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  1. Elisa says:

    We were one of those lucky ones! Applied in October, were #81 on the main waitlist and asked to be on Sky’s November litter and somehow ended up #5 and adopted our blenheim Lexi (fka Caramel) in January. You never know! 🙂

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