The littles

Lyric’s pups are six weeks old today. We have two and a half more weeks with them before they go home to their “forevers”. How can that be possible? Mama Lyric is definitely cutting the apron strings and only wants to hang out with the pups for a minimal time. She reminds me a bit of Oakley, independent, sweet, but loves doing her own thing!

They are eating their soaked puppy food and nursing from mom too. They are doing well with their litter boxes and love playing together and with their “cousins”. They are sleeping  in their crate at night with the litter box available should they need it. But soon we will start closing them in the crate for a short night. (I’ll potty them late, around midnight, then shut the crate door until about 5 am when they get let out to potty.) Once they’ve slept together in a crate for a few days, then we’ll start splitting them up; two in one crate, three in another until eventually they’ll each be sleeping in their own crates before they go home. That’s my plan at least. 😉

They are still on the smaller side, of course, Lyric is not a big girl herself. I’m guessing these guys will end up smaller, likely in the 12-18 lb range. Although that is a total guess since they’re just six weeks old.


2# 10 oz


2# 10


3# 9 oz


2# 11 oz


2# 5 oz

They enjoyed playing in the garden and meeting Cajsa today. We went out in the morning since it’s supposed to be in the high 90’s today! That’s way too hot for the first of June. That’s more like our August weather! (Last night at dog class it was 91 at 6 pm. Whew!)

Getting ready for pictures.

When I plopped them on the grass nobody wanting to venture out of the basket except Melody. Then they slowly starting wandering out onto the grass one by one. First Harmony followed Melody. The blenheims all sat in the basket. Then Sonata came out to see what this new world was all about. And then Chord came to see me sitting on the grass and lastly Cadence decided to step onto the funny, tickly green stuff.


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  1. Diana Vigneau says:

    This litter is too cute for words. Thank goodness the wait list is closed and that I am not on it. 😜

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