Back at it!

Happy dance! We are finally able to go back into the vet’s office with our critters! (Although they are still requiring a mask…)

Yesterday it was check-up time for Aurora’s Cuddle Cavapoos, plus I had scheduled exams for Cody and Quinn (their “adult” exams where they can get checked and certified for normal heart and patellas). Anyways, I usually call and schedule these appointment weeks ahead of time because I know how busy my vet clinic is. And when I did, I wasn’t thinking how much bigger these pups would be at eight weeks compared to five “regular” sized Cavapoos! My truck fits two wire crates nicely in the back seat. I should’ve split the litter between those two, but then I wouldn’t have been able to get the Aussies in. I really didn’t want to cancel the Aussie’s appointment either.

Well, I was able to put one of the adult plastic crates in which made things a bit roomier for the pups (although it was still a tight fit). Then Cody and Quinn could just lay on the seat and be hooked into the seatbelt for security. (Actually, hubby made a carpet covered platform for the back so crates sit flat instead of downhill on the seat. The seat in back flips up, then the board is placed level on the seat base. It works great for the crates.

Those eyes!

Precious cargo loaded!

Quinn wasn’t to sure at first. Then one of the techs started giving her belly rugs and she was much happier.

Yep, our doctor is due with her own baby soon!

The Aussie’s just hanging out.

And now time for the adults check-ups.

They all did super 😀

We had a quick potty break in the litter box while the receptionist tallied up our charges. It was pretty hot out, so I just plopped them in the box one or two at time, let them pee, then quickly put them back in the truck. Thankfully, the air conditioner works because it ran for a long time yesterday!

Then we headed back to town (I know, sometimes it’s confusing because the town we live near, the town we shop at and the town the vet is at are three different towns.)

It was my bestie’s birthday so we met at the local coffee shop so I could buy her a cool birthday drink (and they had these ginormous, prettily decorated sugar cookies that I bought too. I wish I’d taken pictures of them). We visited in the truck while the pups had late lunch in their crate.

And since Cody and Quinn were such good dogs, I bought them each a puppachino, which they absolutely loved!

So cute!

Oh so yummy!

It’s on your nose, Cody! Haha!

“I’ll help you, sister.”

After we got home the pups had plenty of time to play and stretch their legs in the garden.

It was a long day, but they all did great!



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