Tagging along

Yesterday I thought it was time that Melody (now known as Indigo or Indy for short) was old enough to start helping with chores! Everybody has to pitch in on the farm and she’s old enough now to help. (I’m kidding for anyone getting worried).

I have a puppy backpack for hauling puppies around when I’m socializing and not wanting to put them down on the ground. But a while back I was at our local Grocery Outlet and found a puppy front-pack. So I grabbed it! It was cheap and not real fancy, but I will probably only use it on small pups for a short amount of time so it was worth picking up.

So I found a small collar that I put on her, got the pack strapped on my self, plopped her in the pouch, buckled her in, zipped up the opening and headed out to do chores last night.

First we went to the dog house to let the adults out for a bit before bedtime. Then we headed over to feed the horses.

The cats were in the barn when I was getting the horses’ hay so she got to meet Thor-Kitty.

Then we went to see the chickens.

Then I took her to the garden to run around a bit before heading back inside and getting her (and the other pups) ready for bed.

“pick me up, please!”

play bow and ready to jump at me😂

she has bark stuck to her lip!

Looking forward to many adventures with Indy!

“please pay attention to me, Cajsa!”


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6 Responses to Tagging along

  1. Karen Beaver says:

    she is such a cutie

  2. Kim Werner says:

    Thanks for sharing I’ve been looking at these to get for Dexter (Basil)

    • You’re welcome! I would go look for reviews on some. The one I got was cheap. It has a plastic clip to hook on the collar/harness which is hard to connect and the drawstring doesn’t close real tight around her shoulders so she can still pop out!

  3. Diana Vigneau says:

    She is so adorable!! Love the color.

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