More fun to come!

I have news I know you’ll be excited to hear!

But first a little update on our current babies. Aurora’s babies leave Sunday (and one Monday). Little Indy (formerly Melody) will keep me on my toes as her training continues. Smudgie and Sky babies are now three and a half weeks old. Hubby promised me when he gets home later today from hauling water (yep, in summer time we sometimes have to haul in extra water for the garden and such because we don’t have a well that produces abundantly (but thankful for what we do have) that we will set up the two small puppy pens in the living room and we’ll move Smudgie, Sky and babies into bigger quarters. I’ll keep an extra close eye on little Scrat to make sure he doesn’t get lost in that bigger space.

After settling up the two puppy pens, it will leave just one spot in the living room for one of those big whelping crates. But why would I need a big crate if Smudgie and Sky are moving out of theirs?

Well, because Joy is due with Cavapoo puppies from Clancy in about two weeks! (Red and apricot pups expected).

I normally would do an ultrasound about thirty days after breeding to confirm and then make an announcement, but we just never got it done and then she started getting a round belly so that was definite confirmation of the pregnancy!

But a couple days ago we did do some ultrasounds (yes, I said “some”) and made some exciting discoveries!

Oakley is due with her very last litter of Aussaliers! She will be retired after this. So if you’re on our Aussalier list and interested you can shoot me an email. We probably won’t have another litter of Aussaliers for a year (and that’s dependent on Quinn, “if” her hips clear for breeding and “if” she then gets pregnant). So this may be your last chance for an Aussalier for a while. Oakley is due at the end of July/first of August which would have her puppies going home towards the end of September.

Our next girl to check was Amber who is pregnant with Cavapoos from Dickens. She will be due about a week after Oakley. This litter will be apricot pups.

(If anyone is doing the figuring, Smudgie and Sky pups would be about five weeks when Joy’s arrive, six weeks when Oakley’s arrive and about seven weeks when Amber’s arrive, which makes things very manageable age-wise and for the workload. Yay!)

And last, but certainly not least our Cavapoo, Raven was bred to Rumor which would produce black and tan and tricolor F1b Cavapoos. Now I’m not positive that she is pregnant, but I think she is. She was the last girl bred so not as far along as Oakley and Amber and therefore harder to “see”things. Plus, just like her dad, Noah, she is so dramatic! While she’s on her back, laying on a comfy bed, hubby is holding her front legs and I’m using the probe to ultrasound her abdomen she is whining…nonstop! Which make her abdomen wiggle constantly. It was like trying to ultrasound the ocean! I may try again in a few days or just wait to see it her tummy grows plumper. She has been off her food a bit which is something the girls sometimes do about this stage of their pregnancy. So I’ll take that as a good sign.

So there you have it! More babies for late summer and fall! Who knows, the girls and I may just take a break after that! Whew! :O

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  1. Manu says:

    How exciting!!! Can not wait to see the puppies!!!❤️🐶

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