It’s gone!

This morning I drove Ben in to his surgery appointment to have the lump removed from his leg.

But funny thing was, yesterday I was trying to brush the wooly beast out and I couldn’t find any lump or swelling on the leg. In fact, I had to remind myself if it was his right or left leg that had the problem?

But since that area of the leg is quite lumpy, bumpy with bony structures I couldn’t be sure. So off we went this morning on our hour+ drive to the vet (where in the process he vomited in my back seat and slobbered all over the middle console; the joys of having a giant breed…hehe).

As I checked in with the assistant and we went over pre-op paperwork, I told her about my “find” of not finding a lump or swelling in the area. She mentioned the vet would be doing a pre-surgery exam and she would look him over again. (This is the same vet that saw him last time.)

She took Ben in the office as I waited in the truck. Less than ten minutes later, out they walked. The vet had checked him over and same as me, could not find anything! She checked both legs, compared the two and found no lump, swelling or any abnormalities.

So my thought is he must’ve sprained it in one of his races through the forest chasing coyotes. The vet thinks the “strange” cells she aspirated and looked at under the microscope were just an inflammatory response from whatever happened to the leg.

So what potential might have been “cancer” has now turned into an injury which is now healed. I just have to say “praise the Lord”! Have you prayer warriors be praying again?! 😉 Thanks so much!

And now do you want to hear the “crazy” part of my morning? As you know the vet is over an hour away. After Ben’s appointment I ran next door to the gas station to fill my tank. Since we live so far from town, I usually top off the tank at bout half full or a bit under depending on where I’m at and where I’m going next. Well, the last time I was in town I had gone shopping and made several stops and the last thing I wanted to do at the end of the day was stop and fuel up. “I can do that next time I go to town”, I thought. #famouslastwords

I pulled up to the pump, turned the truck off and reached into my backpack for my purse and inside that for my wallet. It was empty.

And then I remembered. I sat at the kitchen table a day or two before and brought my wallet with me to pay a bill or something. My wallet was at home still sitting on the kitchen table. *sigh

So here I was sixty-plus miles from home sitting at about one-quarter of a tank of gas and no wallet.

So I drove home more conservatively than normal. (I’ll admit it. I have a “lead” foot). ;P

The truck “reminded” me about twenty miles from home that I had “low fuel” and even suggested the nearest gas stations. Lol

But I made it home with an estimated “20 miles” left to go according to the truck’s calculations. And hubby had a small container of gas for the lawn mower and dumped it in my tank for me.

Of course as soon as I got home, I went to the kitchen table to retrieve my wallet and put it back in my purse. But it wasn’t there. I looked around the table, the kitchen counter, the top of the piano. Nothing. So I went back to the truck and searched my backpack. Nothing. Back inside the house to look again. Nope. I went back to the truck thinking maybe I had thrown it in my backpack (which I rarely zip up) and maybe it fell on the floor of the truck. Nope. I searched the main part of the backpack and big pocket inside and it “still” wasn’t there. Then I looked inside the small side pocket where I keep my keys. And there was my wallet………..

I hope someday my brain starts working again like it used to.


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6 Responses to It’s gone!

  1. Diana Vigneau says:

    So glad Ben is OK. You go boy!

  2. Katharine W. Harding says:

    I appreciate your candor. You are a wonder woman but you also show us how to roll with natural “mistakes.” Thank you! You deserve to have things go smoothly!

  3. Kimberly M Pfeifer says:

    Glad Ben is OK. I hate when I have days like that! I’m like ‘where the heck is my mind?!’

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