They melt my heart

These little “chocolate” chunks are simply irresistible! And this coming Sunday, (September 12th) we will be matching them with their forever families. Such exciting times!

2# 15 oz

3# 2 oz

3# 3 oz

They are having fun when they come out to play. Of course most of the time they’d rather crawl in my lap or chew on my shoe than play with the toys I set out fir them.

Dove seems to be our most outgoing of the bunch, with Godiva our more quiet pup and brother Hershey in the middle of his sister personality-wise. And as can see they’re all similar-sized and I would guess in up about the eighteen to twenty pound range.

And as you can see they’ve moved to the puppy room where they have more room to play and explore. And get introduced to their first crate.



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5 Responses to They melt my heart

  1. Lisa Greer says:

    They all are just precious!!!

  2. Claudia Knauss says:

    All three are just gorgeous!

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