A big day

Yesterday was the vet check-ups for Raven’s puppies. And since there are seven puppies we loaded up two crates and two litter boxes into the truck to accommodate everyone.

They were really exciting about the ride and complained a bit, but eventually calmed down which is normal.

I usually put a blanket over their crate to help quiet and calm them.

And since some pups are flying home with their owners, I brought the soft carrier too and seat belted it in the front seat. Then we took turns putting the puppies in that would be flying.

Fauna was being really good, so I unzipped the top a bit so I could pet her as we neared the vet office.

Once we arrived and I let them know I was there with the puppies, I turned them all loose in the back of the truck for a potty break after the car ride.

Then I loaded them all in one crate to go inside for their exams.

Can you spot all seven faces and tell who’s who?

Branch wanted to give Dr Jessie kisses!

River holding still like a good boy.

I think Fauna is posing for her picture.

Willow was very happy to climb up the front of the doctors and slathering her with kisses too!

Timber thought the tech needed some puppy smooches too.

Little Fern had to hold very still so Dr Jessie could look in her tiny, hairy ears.

And last but not least, handsome Reed got his exam.

Then it was back out to the truck for another potty break and into the two crates with some water. After the bill was paid and paperwork collected, we headed down the road to our main town where I stopped for a couple short stops while the pups snacked on some kibble in their crates.

After we got home they go some much deserved play, potty and exploration time out in the garden. They sure did enjoy stretching their legs after their long day of travel!


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