All by himself

Little ol’ handsome is now an only “child” for real. His big friends have gone home. He is seven weeks old today and still living up to his name.

While we were away my sister-in-law did some supervised play sessions with him and Sally’s pups. Since there was a big age gap she made sure that he didn’t get overwhelmed by his older cousins. Although size-wise he was close to Ruse and Bluff’s size.

Now he’ll have to be satisfied with lots of aunties and his mom for a bit longer. Mom only visits him once or twice a day as he is almost completely weaned. Shiloh is a bit “much” for him as she wants to play too aggressively for his age, so they will only be together with an Iris panel between them. But he’ll still be socializing with other adult dogs like Cajsa, Cody, Zuma, Hope and Oakley. So just because he doesn’t have playmates his size and age, he will get the important dog socialization with other sizes and ages of canines.

And since he’s the only puppy, I moved him downstairs and set up his own Iris pen just across the dining room from Shiloh’s pen.

As with most puppies when they are moved into a new area (think puppies going to their new home and away from familiar surroundings) he wasn’t real happy with the new arrangement. And he vocalized his displeasure. But just like I tell my new puppy parents, when your puppy fusses for attention ignore the behavior. Once they settle down and are quiet then you can give them attention. (Ignore the behavior you don’t want repeated and reward/praise the behavior you want to reinforce.) But it didn’t take him long to settle down and start entertaining himself.

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I set up an exercise pen right outside the back door for potty breaks.

Adventures with the little man..



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  1. Kristen Durbin says:

    Oh my goodness! He just gets more adorable.

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