Litter news!

I know you’ve all been waiting to hear more about Cami’s litter. It’s just been so crazy even after we’ve gotten home.

As I previously mentioned we arrived home Thursday morning after a seventeen hour drive so we sleep part of the day and were just wiped out.

Friday was puppy exams for Sallys’ group. Saturday our doggie day off and Sunday was puppy delivery for the litter. And of course, I wanted to share about them and little Handsome on the blog to get everyone updated.

And now here we are and it’s Wednesday and Cami’s pups are already a week old!

Thankfully, (because of space limitations in the truck back seat) she had a small litter. But it’s a great size; four pups, two boys, two girls. Just perfect! And they are very similar color-wise to Sally’s litter that just went home! We have an apricot boy, a red boy, an apricot girl and a black & tan girl. The apricot girl is the smallest and looks like the only “curly” coated pup. The others should have wavy coats like an F1 Cavapoo.

Cami is  the most “chill” mom I can remember. She is taking great care of the pups but doesn’t worry when she’s away from them for a break. She’s so relaxed. I wish I’d had her attitude as a new mom 30+ years ago! hehehe

Puppy matching date for this litter will be Sunday, July 10th and puppy delivery day when they go home will be Sunday, July 31st. So if you are officially on our Cavapoo waiting list and the timing works for you and you’re interested in possibly being matched with one of these beauties, please shoot me an email and I will add you to Cami’s list for a possible phone call on July 10th. (This is an F1b Cavapoo litter).


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