Catching up again

Life throws curve balls sometimes and you just have to dive in and try to catch them!

As most of you know my good buddy was in a horrible ATV accident two weeks ago today. Thankfully she is finally at home and slowly getting stronger and mending. I’ve been a bit MIA because life has been extra busy trying to take time to visit her in the hospital and get her home and settled. (She would’ve done the same for me!)

Last Tuesday I went to visit her in Spokane. She was almost ready to come home, but needed one more night in the hospital before she felt comfortable going home (the doctor left it up to her). So I called a friend who lived nearby and just spent the night in the Spokane area. Then it was back to the hospital Wednesday morning and waited until they finally got her discharged and carefully loaded in my truck for the two hour ride to her home. Her wonderful neighbor/friends (seriously, they are like her family <3 ) were there to get her settled.

Obi was happy to have his mama home. <3

I had to get back home then because Handsome had his check-up Thursday morning at the vet! (Which I wrote about in one of my last blog posts). And then Thursday was spent catching up on things and getting Handsome and his things ready to go the next morning.

Bath time! He looks suspicious but he actually didn’t mind his bath and the hair dryer during his Saturday night beauty treatment.

Friday morning it was back to Spokane to meet Handsome’s new family and new fur-sister.

Meeting his new fur-sister.

Family portrait! Happy life, my Handsome boy!

From Spokane I headed back to my friend’s house to stay with her for a couple days. I got home yesterday. And now it’s time to play catch-up with chores, blog post, gardening and life!

And just wanted to recognize our current dog “dads”for a belated “Father’s Day”. Hope all the human dads had a special day too!

Thanks for following our blog and life’s adventures!



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