Pupdates~Penny & Finn

I received a pupdate from one of our Pinewood family yesterday. She has Finn, formerly Mars from Joy & Asher’s purebred Cavalier litter (and brother to our Shiloh!) and she recently added Penny, formerly Independence from the Poppy & Sundae Cavapoo litter.

Hey Jennifer! I realized I haven’t given you a pup date on my two wonderful pups.

They are both doing great! They get along super well and play all the time. They love being with each other and doing stuff together. I’ve taken both of them on some walks, but with the Washington rain it’s hard to take them when it’s cold out.

Penny has gotten tall that we think she might be taller than Finn. The two of them are still inseparable. I am so happy to have them both! Penny has learned a few tricks from Finn, and she’s starting to like baths more.

Finn is still the most lovable dog and he loves having Penny around. Finn loves his baths and feeling pampered like the Prince he is. I’ll send some photos of them below

Here are some photos of them! The last one is of Penny after her bath

Love getting pupdates and cute pictures!❤️

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  1. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    Such beautiful fur-children! Super love the pup dates!

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