Sable update

We have lots of applications, interest and phone calls coming in for Sable. For those reading this for the first time here is the link to the blog post about what I’m referring to.

Sable needs a home

I just wanted to share a bit more information to clarify. Sable is an Aussalier not a Cavapoo (I think someone was confused). Aussaliers do shed. They come from two shedding breeds (the Australian Shepherd which has a double coat and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel which has a single coat).

Our Aussalier waiting list is not open. We are just accepting applications for those interested in Sable. Please make sure to fill out and submit Part 1 and Part 2 in succession. To make things easier, please include your name somewhere on your Part 2 application. (If you’ve already sent the application in, no worries). After you’ve sent the application please email me to let me know you’ve completed it.

The more you share on the application about yourself, family, other pets, how you found out about her, etc, the better. It gives me a better picture of where Sable might end up. If it’s not filled out completely (full name, complete address, etc) it will probably just end up in the circular file. 😉

If you are in Canada, unfortunately the borders are still closed so we are not accepting applications from our northern neighbors. I don’t want to worry about getting her across the border somehow.

I will not be taking any phone calls about her at this time. I’d like to review the applications to narrow things down, then I will  be making some phone calls to interview the remaining people to (hopefully) find the right fit for Sable.

I’ll be taking applications up until 8 pm (Pacific Time) tonight so I have time to review, make phone calls and hopefully get this sweet girl matched up by this weekend.

Thanks everyone! 😀

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4 Responses to Sable update

  1. Cathy Husen says:

    She’s adorable! Oops! I think I may have forgotten to put my name on the second part. Please don’t trash it. I can re-do if needed.

  2. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    Hi! I filled mine out before this post, so didn’t put our names on the second page either. I’m happy to fill it out again if that is easier for you.

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